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Pierre Cardin is an French high fashion designer best known for his geometric avant-garde designs. In the 1960s his use of stark tunics, goggles and helmets launched the Space Age look. Cardin expanded into the automobile market in the early '70s and designed haute couture muscle car interiors. He now owns a chain of Maxim hotels and restaurants. Pierre Cardin left Dior to start his own company in 1950. He started out by designing clothing for stage productions, but soon built up a client base. Christian Dior sent Cardin roses as congratulations, and, a much more important gesture of encouragement, directed his overflow clients to Cardin's new business. Among the various business venture one of the most profitable business venture is Pierre Cardin Pens.

Pierre Cardin Pens are perfect combination of high quality & timeless aesthetics. World class quality, acquisitive design and numerous option for stylish branding make these pens long lasting, valued companion. Pierre Cardin brand is an combination of design and excellence.

Flair pens Ltd. has acquired the rights of Pierre Cardin Pens for India.
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